Christmas in January

When we decided to move back to Northern Ireland, one of the things I was most excited about was Robin getting to experience the normalcy of daily life. He’s only ever been over for Christmas, which in a big NI family is a pretty big event; one that he found occasionally overwhelming. Coming home in the mid-January lull was the perfect idea. Christmas would be well and truly over, people would be back working and there’d be no cause for mass celebration or experiencing the joy/self-loathing of a self-induced Turkey and stuffing coma. We’ll take things slow, there is no time limit on this trip; no reason to cram as much into a week as possible.

After landing on Thursday evening we had just enough time to get freshened up and grab a quick coffee before we were whisked off to my cousins birthday. A grand affair with the entire family. Friday we went for dinner and drinks to again celebrate my cousins birthday (via a shopping spree in the town; when Topman has a sale, you do not ignore it). And then on Saturday, the entire family once again congregated to this time replay Christmas dinner with myself and Robin included much to the confusion of one of the kids who lives next door. He actually rung the bell to ask why there was so many people here, and his confusion wasn’t satiated when we explained it was Christmas Day on the 28th January. Christmas in January may just become a new tradition. It feels like we’re here on Holiday.

I’m truly blessed to have the family I have, many people agree. I don’t think I realised how much I missed the chaos and kurfuffle of squeezing 16 people into my Mum’s dining room until I was sitting there on Saturday evening waiting for the aforementioned coma to begin. Being back has been a whirlwind of laughter and fun so far; even Robin has managed to keep up with the chaos. Things will calm down eventually and the monotony of daily life will creep up on us, but the one thing I’d forgotten, is we’ll always have my family to keep things interesting.

Despite the festivities, we’ve wasted no time in cutting our way through the red tape either. Moving countries is accompanied by a lot of paperwork and phone calls, and we managed to blast through a fair chunk of it yesterday. The job hunt is on and we’re already making plans for eventually starting up our own business. It’s a solid start, and while the next few months look to be hectic, building a new life from scratch is an exciting prospect!


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